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Joining me for a webcam session is a fun and sensual affair. I prefer to call what I offer "masturbation exhibition". My shows are geared towards gentlemen who are aroused by seeing women in genuine pleasure. I adore having your wanting eyes upon me while I do what comes naturally. A true orgasm is one of the most beautiful and erotic things one can witness and I would love to share one with you. I generally bring myself to orgasm with the help of toys during pvt sessions as it takes a bit longer to achieve the big O without them.My toy chest includes several dildos of different shapes and sizes and my favorite vibe at the moment. Polite requests and suggestions are welcome if you have a favorite position or camera view as I want you to enjoy your experience fully,but please keep in mind that I do NOT take orders and I am no ones slave. You are purchasing my time, not me. If you are someone who has to degrade your female in order to achieve sexual pleasure I am NOT the lady for you.

You can choose to play with me via Skype, Yahoo, or one of the many camsites I frequent. If you are interested in a session via Skype or Yahoo you will need

  • the proper software downloaded
  • be familiar with how to use it
  • and verify that I am online and offering private shows before purchasing time.

$15 = 5 mins Add ons: Email copy of your show $6

$30= 10 mins Add ons: Email copy of your show $6 DVD copy of your show $15 (includes sh)

$45= 15 mins Add ons: Email copy of your show $6 DVD copy of your show $15 (includes sh)

If you are low on funds I will perform a strip tease for you,the duration of a song for $5. I pick the song it will last approx 3 mins.

Contact me via yahoo messenger (aricellisdesin) or email (aricellisdesin@yahoo)to discuss your preferred method of payment.



Yes you really get to see nakedness for free on this site. Just remember it is at the models discretion and she NEVER HAS TO SHOW U ANYTHING

Another cool site that allows u to tip the models. They feature group shows as well as regular private sessions.


Free yummy photos snapped while I spend time in my public lobby.Stop by just to see what Im up to :P

When Im ready to play,you will see me in the box below.If I'm not online someone else is :)


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